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Waldemar Lotnik

Waldemar Lotnik was born in 1925 near Lublin, where he was brought up on his grandfather's farm until he was seven. His parents then fetched him to live in Kremenets, a garrison town in the Polish part of the Ukraine. After the events described in Nine Lives, he settled in London where he died in 2014. He was married with two children and four grandchildren and never went back to Poland after fleeing the country in the summer of 1945.


Julian Preece

Julian Preece was born in Birmingham in 1962 and brought up in Somerset. He studied German and French at Oxford and is now Professor of German at Swansea University. His many publications include Baader-Meinhof and the Novel: Narratives of the Nation/Fantasies of the Revolution, Religion in Contemporary German Literature and Film: Seekers, Believers, Doubters and Re-forming the Nation in Literature and Film. The Patriotic Idea in Contemporary German-language Culture.


Neal Ascherson

Neal Ascherson was born in Edinburgh in 1932 and read History at King's College, Cambridge. A journalist with The Observer for thirty years, he reported from Asia, Africa and Central Europe. His many books include The Struggles for Poland, The Polish August, The Black Sea, and Stone Voices: The Search for Scotland. He is a regular contributor to both the New York and London Review of Books.

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