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Moghul Cooking Joyce Westrip

Moghul Cooking

240 pp paperback with flaps; b&w drawings

ISBN 978 1 897959 46 6

£16 / $20

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Foreword by Charmaine Solomon

The Moghuls gave India the Taj Mahal and, as this path-breaking book shows, they also transformed the country's cooking. Pomegranate Soup, Apricot-Flavoured Lamb, Date Halva: the Moghuls revolutionised the cooking of the subcontinent by bringing from Muslim Persia a refined and sophisticated Middle Eastern cuisine and combining it with Indian spices and ingredients to produce some of the world's boldest food combinations and most exquisite recipes.

Moghul Cooking is the first ever book on the subject and offers the reader more than 150 mouth-watering recipes. Covering everything from snacks and soups to breads and rice dishes, Joyce Westrip, who was born and brought up in India, also tells the reader how to make the chutneys and other accompaniments essential for a complete Moghul meal.

The Moghuls are famous for giving India its greatest architectural monuments, for the refinement of their court and its arts: Joyce Westrip establishes that their gifts to Indian cuisine were every bit as important.

'A triumph'
Food and Travel

'Recipes that are both sumptuous and easy to follow ... fascinating'

'Inspiring ... a wealth of historical information as well as a collection of exotic recipes'
Gourmet Traveller

'Well researched, well written and a joy to handle. Joyce Westrip takes us back in time and enables us to peek through the window of time on the lavish and opulent Moghul courts'
Petits Propos Culinaires

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'Although pretty much every national cuisine might be described as hybrid, mongrel or, that deathlessly fashionable word, fusion, Moghul cooking, practised by the Muslim rulers of India, could put a good case for being the Big Daddy of them all. Samarkand, Persia, Afghanistan and Kashmir were steps in the Moghul progress to Hindustan and beyond, and they cemented their glittering empire over most of the subcontinent by canny enlistment and assimilation of local cultures and potentates. So while hankering for, and then growing, northern fruits like melon, pomegranate, peach, pistachio, walnut and almond, they absorbed into their repertoire the mangoes, jackfruit, coconut, tamarind and glorious spices of their tropical conquest. The results are dishes of great richness and refinement: the pilaus and biryanis, the kebabs and chicken dishes, and the balancing of perfume, unctuousness and stimulating acidity are as enlivening as their much-loved sherbets and lassis. The recipes (from basics to full-blown banquet dishes) are brilliant, clear and enticing, and the lucid commentary helps comprehension.'
Tom Jaine, The Guardian

'Princely recipes from the noble race that built the Taj Mahal.'
Australian Vogue

'No cook's shelf of Eastern Cookery is complete without this wonderful collection. Joyce Westrip has been likewise honoured with the Medal of the Order of Australia for promoting cultural links between India and Australia. This is not a coffee table pretty picture book, but one intended to become dog-eared and smeared with the work in progress and passed with love to the next generation of cooks.'
Media/Culture Reviews

'From the 1500s, the Moghul dynasty brought to India refinement, culture and grandeur in its art, architecture, literature and cuisine. In Moghul Cooking, author Joyce Westrip explores the confluence of Indian and Persian influences that is Moghul cooking, ingredients such as pomegranate, pistachios, rose-water and apricots, and dishes like aromatic lamb broth, rose-scented chicken kebabs, pomegranate soup and quails in a spicy sauce, feature in a book of history and cooking that doesn't need pictures to be fascinating.'
The Age (Melbourne)

Scotland on Sunday

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