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Roman Cookery Mark Grant

Roman Cookery

192 pp paperback with flaps and b&w drawings

ISBN 978 1 897959 60 2

£14 / $18

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Roman Cookery unveils one of Europe's last great culinary secrets—the food eaten by the ordinary people of ancient Rome. Based on olive oil, fish and fresh vegetables, it was the origin of of the Mediterranean diet as we know it today and, in particular, of classic Italian cooking.

Mark Grant, researcher extraordinaire, has unearthed everyday recipes like Tuna Wrapped in Vine Leaves, Olive Oil Bread Flavoured with Cheese, and Honeyed Quinces. Like an archaeologist uncovering a kitchen at Pompeii, he reveals treasures such as Ham in Red Wine and Fennel Sauce, Honey and Sesame Pizza, and Walnut and Fig Cakes.

The Romans were great lovers of herbs, and Roman Cookery offers a delicious array of herb sauces and purées, originally made with a pestle and mortar, but here adapted, like all these dishes, to be made with modern kitchen equipment.

This revised and expanded edition includes previously unknown recipes, allowing the reader to savour more than a hundred simple but refined dishes that were first enjoyed more than two millennia ago.

'A fascinating book for all who love Italian cooking and an invaluable addition to the Italophile cook's library.'
Rose Gray, author of The River Cafe Cook Book

'Although Roman Cookery is a book based on serious research, Grant treats his subject with a light and accessible touch.'
Alasdair Riley, The Independent

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