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Classic Jamaican Cooking Caroline Sullivan

Classic Jamaican Cooking

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Okra, plantains, sweet potatoes and mangoes: these and all the other essential ingredients of Jamaican cooking are now widely available in Britain and North America, bringing the island's delicious cooking within anyone's reach.

Covering all aspects of Jamaican cuisine from soups to preserves, fish to ices, Classic Jamaican Cooking also presents a range of traditional herbal remedies and drinks. With recipes as varied as Plantain Tart and Shrimp Soup, Salt Fish Patties and Coconut Ice Cream, this book dispels forever the myth that Jamaican cookery begins with Curried Goat and ends with Rice and Peas.

Mistress of a large Jamaican household at the end of the nineteenth century, Caroline Sullivan wrote the first ever book on Jamaican cooking. Needing only occasional modification by the modern reader ('Take seven gallons of rum, three gallons of seville orange juice ...'), she brings alive the wealth and variety of the island's food. With its blending of African and European influences, Jamaican cooking rests on a foundation of tropical fruits and vegetables, and the author draws out the full range of their flavours in one of the New World's tastiest cuisines.

'A wealth of very good recipes'
Frances Bissell, The Times

'A useful addition to your kitchen library'
The Voice

'Wonderful ideas that will appeal to adventurous cooks'
Lindsey Bareham

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