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Fain the Sorcerer Steve Aylett

Fain the Sorcerer

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Foreword by Alan Moore

After strangling a mime in the King's court, Fain encounters a crazy old man who offers to grant him three wishes. What will Fain ask for?

'Fain knew at once what had happened—he had travelled back in time as he had wished, but his clothing hadn't. 'I've read about how tricky this wishing game can be. Genies seem to revel in deliberately misunderstanding the simplest orders.'

Looping through his own past and offending kings and leaders throughout the world, Fain searches for the means to wisely direct his new powers.

His quest grows increasingly vivid as he encounters monsters, mermaids, warlocks and autarchs, gathering richer understanding with each magic gift. With an introduction by Alan Moore, Fain the Sorcerer is a dense and mischievous work of shamanic satire.

'Aylett makes both the journey and its end an absolute delight for the reader ... an instant classic in the field'

'Rip-roaring good fun'
Jeff Vandermeer, SFsite

'A stunning work of the imagination that is also very, very funny, from one of the most exciting and innovative creators to emerge along in years.'
Alan Moore

'Aylett has made a career out of redefining the boundaries of science fiction—and sanity.'
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