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The Fragrant Pantry Frances Bissell

The Fragrant Pantry

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While the use of flowers in cookery is becoming ever more popular, they often feature as little more than decoration. In The Fragrant Pantry, the third volume of an already acclaimed trilogy, Frances Bissell shows us how the scent and flavour of flowers can be used like that of a herb or a spice to add magic to a range of dishes.

In these pages you will find recipes for preserves as diverse as myrtle-scented figs, peach and lavender mostarda, rum and jasmine mincemeat, wild garlic flower pesto, mango, jasmine and lime kulfi, elderflower, cucumber and lemon gin and 'gorgeous gillyflower grappa.'

You will also discover how the delicate taste of rose petals can transform raspberry ice cream. And you will learn the way in which fresh edible flowers or floral extracts can be used to create exquisite preserves.

For Frances Bissell cooking with flowers is not a fad or a fashion, but a natural way of cooking which reflects the seasons, and which owes much to English culinary traditions going back over centuries. These easy-to-follow recipes allow both the experienced and novice cook to experiment with floral cooking with real confidence.

'Frances Bissell has always been a key reference for me for food and cookery. In her new book, The Fragrant Pantry, she has distilled the essence from fruits, teas, and flowers into a book full of delicious ideas. I will be consulting this book for many years to come.'
Ken Hom

'Another delightfully fragrant book from Frances Bissell. Her passion and thorough knowledge of the use of flowers and herbs in the kitchen is unrivalled. Frances not only gently handholds the reader through the preserving process, but she offers original and exquisite recipes for preserves using seasonal fruits and, herbs and flowers. This book is a must for every kitchen bookshelf.'
Fiona Cairns

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