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The Fragrant Pantry

160 pp

ISBN 978 1 68219 094 4

£11.99 / $15.99

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Frances Bissell The Fragrant Pantry
Floral Scented Jams, Jellies and Liqueurs

While the use of flowers in cookery is becoming ever more popular, they often feature as little more than decoration. In The Fragrant Pantry, the third volume of an already acclaimed trilogy, Frances Bissell shows us how the scent and flavour of flowers can be used like that of a herb or a spice to add magic to a range of dishes.

In these pages you will find recipes for preserves as diverse as myrtle-scented figs, peach and lavender mostarda, rum and jasmine mincemeat, wild garlic flower pesto, mango, jasmine and lime kulfi, elderflower, cucumber and lemon gin and 'gorgeous gillyflower grappa.'

You will also discover how the delicate taste of rose petals can transform raspberry ice cream. And you will learn the way in which fresh edible flowers or floral extracts can be used to create exquisite preserves.

For Frances Bissell cooking with flowers is not a fad or a fashion, but a natural way of cooking which reflects the seasons, and which owes much to English culinary traditions going back over centuries. These easy-to-follow recipes allow both the experienced and novice cook to experiment with floral cooking with real confidence.

'Frances Bissell has always been a key reference for me for food and cookery. In her new book, The Fragrant Pantry, she has distilled the essence from fruits, teas, and flowers into a book full of delicious ideas. I will be consulting this book for many years to come.'
Ken Hom

'Another delightfully fragrant book from Frances Bissell. Her passion and thorough knowledge of the use of flowers and herbs in the kitchen is unrivalled. Frances not only gently handholds the reader through the preserving process, but she offers original and exquisite recipes for preserves using seasonal fruits and, herbs and flowers. This book is a must for every kitchen bookshelf.'
Fiona Cairns

The Scented Kitchen

232 pp paperback with flaps; b&w photos

ISBN 978 1 897959 69 5

£16 / $21

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Frances Bissell The Scented Kitchen
Cooking with Flowers

Using flowers in the kitchen is growing massively in popularity, and this expanded new edition of Frances Bissell's widely acclaimed book allows readers to move beyond scattering a few petals on a salad to enjoy the scents and flavours of both wild and garden flowers such as lavender, elderflower, fennel and roses.

Her recipes include the simple—and highly effective—flavouring of basic ingredients that allows the cook to transform other dishes. Elderflower Vinegar, for example, lifts an ordinary green salad to a subtly perfumed treat, while Lavender-Flavoured Honey is as delicious on toast as it is when cooked with Roast Duck and Sesame Seeds.

Other highly original recipes include Braised Lamb Shanks with Carnation Sauce, Orange and Fennel Flower Sorbet, Mussels in Cider and Saffron, and Stuffed Chicken Breasts with Roses and Cucumber. And, just in case those toiling in the kitchen are in need of a pick-me-up, Frances also offers Frozen Elderflower Margarita, Lavender Julep and other flower-scented cocktails.

Rose Gray

Raymond Blanc

'Floral cooking gets an outing from time to time, but rarely so thoroughly or creatively as here'
Tom Jaine, The Guardian

'Demystifies the process of using flowers in the kitchen ... captivating'
BBC Good Food

'A welcome gift for cooks with green fingers'
House and Garden

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'Dreamily elegant'
Carolyn Hart, The Independent

'Full of well researched history, excellent common sense and utterly beguiling recipes'
Catherine Phipps, Fire and Knives

'A bouquet of fragrant delights ... there is much here to discover and delight'
New Zealand House and Garden


'A range of unexpected delights'
Sunday Express

Daily Telegraph

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The Floral Baker

176 pp

ISBN 978 1 897959 54 1

£15 / $20

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Frances Bissell The Floral Baker
Cakes, Pastries and Breads

What could be more enticing than the aroma of floral-scented scones or cupcakes wafting through the kitchen? Floral essences have long been used to flavour cakes, and crystallised flowers to decorate them, but when flowers inspire Frances Bissell's baking she does much more than add a dash of rosewater here, a spoonful of lavender jelly there.

The floral cook sans pareil, Frances offers such delights as Lavender and White Chocolate Caramel Cake; Mango and Jasmine Upside-Down Tart; Saffron and Rosewater Biscuits; and Peach, Lavender and Almond Tart. Savoury baking is also on the menu, with Wild Garlic Flower, Walnut and Cheese Biscuits; Lavender and Tomato Tart; Marigold, Olive and Manchego Scones, and other imaginative delicacies.

Giving easily-followed basic recipes for sponges, cupcakes, breads, scones, muffins and the other cornerstones of the baking repertoire, Frances Bissell enables both novice and experienced bakers to proceed confidently and produce delicious, creative treats.

Your dentist may not approve, but your tastebuds will ...

'All the pleasures of the kitchen and garden in one delightfully fragrant book. Frances Bissell's recipes are outstanding, brilliant in their simplicity and originality. A must for every baker's bookshelf.'
Fiona Cairns

'So thrilled with this by the wonderful Frances Bissell'
Diana Henry

Melanie McDonagh, Evening Standard

'One for all baking enthusiasts'
The Foodie Bugle

'... full of great ideas. Heaven ...'
Kay Cooks

'Not only are the recipes easy to follow, but Frances explores the use of flowers as flavourings in her cakes, pastries and breads in an original way'

'The award-winning cookery writer flavours a year's baking from the garden with ideas from liqueur de Violette to wild garlic tart.'
Emma Townshend, Independent on Sunday

Cooking with Pomiane

272 pp paperback with flaps; woodcuts

ISBN 978 1 897959 64 0

£16 / $19.95

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Edouard de Pomiane Cooking with Pomiane
Foreword by Elizabeth David
Illustrations by John Spencer

'To prepare dinner for a friend is to put into the cooking pot all one's affection and good will, all one's gaiety and zest, so that after three hours' cooking a waft of happiness escapes from beneath the lid.' Edouard de Pomiane

Serif's new edition of Cooking with Pomiane, which deserves to be on the shelves of every serious cook and every unserious lover of humorous writing, is now available again.

Witty, original and always mouth-watering, the recipes in this acclaimed collection offer classic dishes prepared by the most innovative of French chefs.

A highly-respected scientist at the Institut Pasteur in Paris as well as a much-loved radio chef, Pomiane celebrates the joy of being in the kitchen, inspiring confidence in cooks of all abilities. As Elizabeth David noted, he 'takes the mystique out of cookery processes and still contrives to leave us with the magic'.

'Pomiane is my hero'
Raymond Blanc

'I love Docteur de Pomiane's work'
Elizabeth David

'Nothing less than inspired'
Simon Hopkinson

'So easy-going, so sensusal, so wise'

'If the kitchen caught fire, I should snatch first my copies of the two books by de Pomiane, my teacher, companion and friend... who understood that good cooking is about chemistry, and about love'
Jane Shilling

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'An utter delight'
Financial Times

'It should be a cause of culinary celebration that his books are being republished'
Sunday Times Magazine

'If the kitchen caught fire, I should snatch first my copies of the two books by de Pomiane, my teacher, companion and friend... who understood that good cooking is about chemistry, and about love'
Jane Shilling

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Cooking in Ten Minutes

160 pp paperback with flaps and b&w drawings

ISBN 978 1 897959 61 9



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Edouard de Pomiane Cooking in Ten Minutes
Foreword by Raymond Blanc

Uncomplicated and delicious, the 300 recipes assembled here can all be prepared in ten minutes—and in a saucepan or frying pan rather than a microwave. Ultra-rapid soups, instantaneous sauces, split-second egg dishes and quick-fire desserts all feature here, together with vegetable, fish and meat recipes susceptible to Pomiane's unique approach to cooking. As fast—and as witty—as classic Hollywood comedy, Cooking in Ten Minutes is a book that belongs in every kitchen.

'The ten-minute maestro'
Julian Barnes

Jeanette Winterson

'The best kind of cookery writing'
Elizabeth David

'A great enticer, a great confidence-builder'
Sophie Grigson

'Incredibly ahead of its time ... I love the way he wrote about food: with warmth and humour.'
Raymond Blanc

'A cult classic'
The Independent

'Sparkling wit'
The Week

New York Times Magazine

> Watch BBC2's French Cooking in Ten Minutes (six episodes)

The Alice B. Toklas Cookbook

304 pp paperback with flaps and decorated end-papers, b&w drawings

ISBN 978 1 897959 19 0



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Alice B. Toklas The Alice B. Toklas Cookbook
Foreword by Maureen Duffy
Illustrations by Sir Francis Rose

The Alice B. Toklas Cookbook is one of very few books that genuinely deserve the label 'legendary'. Toklas and her lover, the writer Gertrude Stein, lived first in Paris and then in rural France, and for more than 25 years she collected the recipes with which they entertained Picasso and others. The fruit of hundreds of hours in the kitchen, market-place and vegetable-garden, this gloriously entertaining culinary companion ranges from inventive responses to wartime austerity to French bourgeois cooking at its richest and best. Always delicious, the recipes vary from simple snacks—Mushroom Sandwiches and Tricoloured Omelette made with spinach and tomato—to elaborate dishes like Supreme of Pike à la Dijonaise and Pheasant with Cottage Cheese.

The Alice B. Toklas Cookbook has long enjoyed a reputation as a highly original cookbook—and not just because of its recipe for hashish fudge. Available once again, it is certain to delight a new generation of readers as well as find its way back onto shelves from which it has mysteriously disappeared.

'A masterpiece'
Bee Wilson, The Guardian

'One of my favourites'
Jeanette Winterson

'A delicious concoction of reminiscences and recipes'
Time Out

'A frothy and delicious mixture of memoirs, travel writing and recipes'
Michèle Roberts, Books of the Year, Independent on Sunday

'A book of character, fine food and tasty human observations'
The New Yorker

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'Greediest reprint of the year!'
Angela Carter

'Alice was one of the really great cooks of all time ... the secret of her talent was great pains and a remarkable talent'
James Beard

'It will be the fiercest Francophobe who can read Alice's recipes and not hanker for a taste, the dullest cook who will not want to get to the kitchen and try them out'

Sunday Telegraph

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Roman Cookery

192 pp paperback with flaps and b&w drawings

ISBN 978 1 897959 60 2

£14 / $18

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Mark Grant Roman Cookery
Ancient Recipes for Modern Kitchens

Roman Cookery unveils one of Europe's last great culinary secrets—the food eaten by the ordinary people of ancient Rome. Based on olive oil, fish and fresh vegetables, it was the origin of of the Mediterranean diet as we know it today and, in particular, of classic Italian cooking.

Mark Grant, researcher extraordinaire, has unearthed everyday recipes like Tuna Wrapped in Vine Leaves, Olive Oil Bread Flavoured with Cheese, and Honeyed Quinces. Like an archaeologist uncovering a kitchen at Pompeii, he reveals treasures such as Ham in Red Wine and Fennel Sauce, Honey and Sesame Pizza, and Walnut and Fig Cakes.

The Romans were great lovers of herbs, and Roman Cookery offers a delicious array of herb sauces and purées, originally made with a pestle and mortar, but here adapted, like all these dishes, to be made with modern kitchen equipment.

This revised and expanded edition includes previously unknown recipes, allowing the reader to savour more than a hundred simple but refined dishes that were first enjoyed more than two millennia ago.

'A fascinating book for all who love Italian cooking and an invaluable addition to the Italophile cook's library.'
Rose Gray, author of The River Cafe Cook Book

'Although Roman Cookery is a book based on serious research, Grant treats his subject with a light and accessible touch.'
Alasdair Riley, The Independent

Moghul Cooking

240 pp paperback with flaps; b&w drawings

ISBN 978 1 897959 46 6

£16 / $20

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Joyce Westrip Moghul Cooking
India's Courtly Cuisine
Foreword by Charmaine Solomon

The Moghuls gave India the Taj Mahal and, as this path-breaking book shows, they also transformed the country's cooking. Pomegranate Soup, Apricot-Flavoured Lamb, Date Halva: the Moghuls revolutionised the cooking of the subcontinent by bringing from Muslim Persia a refined and sophisticated Middle Eastern cuisine and combining it with Indian spices and ingredients to produce some of the world's boldest food combinations and most exquisite recipes.

Moghul Cooking is the first ever book on the subject and offers the reader more than 150 mouth-watering recipes. Covering everything from snacks and soups to breads and rice dishes, Joyce Westrip, who was born and brought up in India, also tells the reader how to make the chutneys and other accompaniments essential for a complete Moghul meal.

The Moghuls are famous for giving India its greatest architectural monuments, for the refinement of their court and its arts: Joyce Westrip establishes that their gifts to Indian cuisine were every bit as important.

'A triumph'
Food and Travel

'Recipes that are both sumptuous and easy to follow ... fascinating'

'Inspiring ... a wealth of historical information as well as a collection of exotic recipes'
Gourmet Traveller

'Well researched, well written and a joy to handle. Joyce Westrip takes us back in time and enables us to peek through the window of time on the lavish and opulent Moghul courts'
Petits Propos Culinaires

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'Although pretty much every national cuisine might be described as hybrid, mongrel or, that deathlessly fashionable word, fusion, Moghul cooking, practised by the Muslim rulers of India, could put a good case for being the Big Daddy of them all. Samarkand, Persia, Afghanistan and Kashmir were steps in the Moghul progress to Hindustan and beyond, and they cemented their glittering empire over most of the subcontinent by canny enlistment and assimilation of local cultures and potentates. So while hankering for, and then growing, northern fruits like melon, pomegranate, peach, pistachio, walnut and almond, they absorbed into their repertoire the mangoes, jackfruit, coconut, tamarind and glorious spices of their tropical conquest. The results are dishes of great richness and refinement: the pilaus and biryanis, the kebabs and chicken dishes, and the balancing of perfume, unctuousness and stimulating acidity are as enlivening as their much-loved sherbets and lassis. The recipes (from basics to full-blown banquet dishes) are brilliant, clear and enticing, and the lucid commentary helps comprehension.'
Tom Jaine, The Guardian

'Princely recipes from the noble race that built the Taj Mahal.'
Australian Vogue

'No cook's shelf of Eastern Cookery is complete without this wonderful collection. Joyce Westrip has been likewise honoured with the Medal of the Order of Australia for promoting cultural links between India and Australia. This is not a coffee table pretty picture book, but one intended to become dog-eared and smeared with the work in progress and passed with love to the next generation of cooks.'
Media/Culture Reviews

'From the 1500s, the Moghul dynasty brought to India refinement, culture and grandeur in its art, architecture, literature and cuisine. In Moghul Cooking, author Joyce Westrip explores the confluence of Indian and Persian influences that is Moghul cooking, ingredients such as pomegranate, pistachios, rose-water and apricots, and dishes like aromatic lamb broth, rose-scented chicken kebabs, pomegranate soup and quails in a spicy sauce, feature in a book of history and cooking that doesn't need pictures to be fascinating.'
The Age (Melbourne)

Scotland on Sunday

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Fire and Spice

192 pp paperback with flaps; b&w drawings

ISBN 978 1 897959 41 1

£12 / $15

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Joyce Westrip Fire and Spice
Parsi Cookery

The Parsis are descendants of the Zoroastrians who left Persia 1,300 years ago and settled along India's western coast. Their aromatic cuisine, which combines the sophistication of Persian and Middle Eastern cooking with the heat and spice of the subcontinent's, is one of Asia's last great culinary enigmas.

Fire and Spice is the first ever book on Parsi cooking to be published outside India and introduces the reader to a delicious array of recipes, ranging from simple, everyday dishes that can be prepared in a matter of minutes to elaborate dhansaks and biryanis normally served at weddings and other special occasions.

With its unusual, tastebud-tantalising combinations—Coconut-Flavoured Fish with Aubergine, Baked Eggs with Spicy Bananas, and Orange-Flavoured Rice with Dates—and numerous recipes suitable for vegetarians, including Sweet and Sour Pumpkin, Omelette with Ginger and Coriander, and Spinach Pilau, Fire and Spice offers a broad, mouth-watering range of authentic recipes from this little known cuisine.

The Bookseller

'Inspiring recipes—written with knowledge, experience and love'
Sri Owen

'Her experience of Indian life furnishes her with great insight into that country's food rituals and her prose brings the festivals, markets and kitchens of the subcontinent to life.'
The Weekend Australian

Traditional Moroccan Cooking

208 pp paperback with flaps and decorated end-papers, b&w drawings

ISBN 978 1 897959 43 5

£12 / $15

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Madame Guinaudeau Traditional Moroccan Cooking
Recipes from Fez
Foreword by Claudia Roden

Moroccan cuisine is famous for its subtle blending of spices, herbs and honey with meat and vegetables. In Fez, the nation's culinary heart, the cooking has numerous influences—Arab and Berber, with hints of Jewish, African and French. The country's classic dishes are couscous, tagines or stews, and bistilla, an exquisite pie made with a flaky pastry.

Capturing the atmosphere of Fez, cultural capital of the medieval Moorish world, Madame Guinaudeau takes us behind closed doors into the kitchens and dining rooms of the old city. She invites us to a banquet in a wealthy home, shopping in the spice market and to the potter's workshop, shares with us the secrets of preserving lemons for a tagine, shows us how to make Moroccan bread.

Traditional Moroccan Cooking is the perfect introduction to a mouth-watering culinary heritage and a vivid description of an ancient and beautiful city. It offers a taste of the delights to be found in one of the world's great gastronomic centres.

'A jewel and an inspiration'
Deborah Madison

'A classic from which passion and enthusiasm come through on every page'
Claudia Roden

'Much, much more than a recipe book'
The Times

'Wafts off the page in scented waves'
Daily Telegraph

'Successfully evokes the magic flavours of Fez'
Nigel Slater

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'A marvellous book'
Elisabeth Luard, Sunday Telegraph

'If you want to savour authentic Arab flavours, Guinaudeau is your guide'
Glasgow Herald

'Delightful and authentic ... a knowledgeable, not to say scholarly, guide to the customs, kitchens and culture as it was in the Fifties, written by someone who had lived there for 30 years. I am thrilled to see that others have enjoyed this book enough to republish it.'
Frances Bissell, The Times

'A thoroughly literary affair ... Vividly evokes the gestures employed in the making of bread or the offering of tea, chronicles the effect of the changing seasons on the fruit and vegetable markets, and paints verbal pictures of the dishes to be cooked.'
Robert Irwin, Times Literary Supplement

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Classic Jamaican Cooking

192 pp paperback with flaps and decorated end-papers; b&w drawings

ISBN 978 1 897959 42 8

£12 / $15

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Caroline Sullivan Classic Jamaican Cooking
Traditional Recipes and Herbal Remedies
Foreword by Cristine MacKie

Okra, plantains, sweet potatoes and mangoes: these and all the other essential ingredients of Jamaican cooking are now widely available in Britain and North America, bringing the island's delicious cooking within anyone's reach.

Covering all aspects of Jamaican cuisine from soups to preserves, fish to ices, Classic Jamaican Cooking also presents a range of traditional herbal remedies and drinks. With recipes as varied as Plantain Tart and Shrimp Soup, Salt Fish Patties and Coconut Ice Cream, this book dispels forever the myth that Jamaican cookery begins with Curried Goat and ends with Rice and Peas.

Mistress of a large Jamaican household at the end of the nineteenth century, Caroline Sullivan wrote the first ever book on Jamaican cooking. Needing only occasional modification by the modern reader ('Take seven gallons of rum, three gallons of seville orange juice ...'), she brings alive the wealth and variety of the island's food. With its blending of African and European influences, Jamaican cooking rests on a foundation of tropical fruits and vegetables, and the author draws out the full range of their flavours in one of the New World's tastiest cuisines.

'A wealth of very good recipes'
Frances Bissell, The Times

'A useful addition to your kitchen library'
The Voice

'Wonderful ideas that will appeal to adventurous cooks'
Lindsey Bareham

Bengali Cooking

208 pp paperback with flaps and decorated end-papers; b&w drawings

ISBN 978 1 897959 50 3

£12 / $15

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Chitrita Banerji Bengali Cooking
Seasons and Festivals
Foreword by Deborah Madison

Bengal is home to both Hindus and Muslims who farm the fertile Ganges delta for rice and vegetables as well as fishing the region's myriad rivers. As recipes for Chicken with Poppy Seeds, Aubergine with Tamarind, Duck with Coconut Milk and the many other delights in Bengali Cooking testify, Bengal has given the world some of its most delicious dishes.

This highly original book takes the reader into kitchens in both Bangladesh and the Indian state of West Bengal by way of the seasons and religious and other festivals that shape the region's cooking. Chitrita Banerji offers her readers authentic Bengali home-cooking—dals, fish, vegetables and kedgerees—rather than the standard fare of Indian restaurants. Hers is much more than a cookbook: it is also a vivid and deeply-felt introduction to Bengal's diverse cultures and landscapes.

'Delightful ... evokes, not just describes, the colour, the smells, the tastes, the customs of Bengali food'
Matthew Fort, The Guardian

'A loving tribute to her homeland and its kitchen'
The Times

'Absorbing ... a vivid portrayal of Bengali customs and cuisine, as much an introduction to the culture as a cookbook'
Vogue Australia

'Banerji weaves a broad canvas of delights'
New Age (Bangladesh)

'A cookery book with a huge difference ... highly original'
Eastern Eye

The Spice Scribe

Fine English Cookery

256 pp paperback, b&w drawings

ISBN 978 1 897959 36 7



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Michael Smith Fine English Cookery
Foreword by Geraldene Holt

English food is enjoying a revival after decades spent in the shadow of European and other cuisines. Michael Smith's highly acclaimed book is centred on eighteenth-century recipes, but also delves back into Elizabethan and Stuart kitchens, and his skill in adapting historic dishes for the contemporary cook puts Almond Soup, Asparagus and Bacon Fraze, and Caveached Sole within easy reach of today's reader.

Traditionally, English cooking was generous in its use of herbs and spices and adventurous in its combining of flavours, and Michael Smith's wide-ranging research uncovers dishes with a surprisingly modern air: Mustard Soup, Salmon in Red Wine, and Gooseberry and Rosemary Ice Cream, for example, sit alongside classic potted meats and fish.

For too long, breakfast and tea have been seen as the only meals at which English cooking has anything to offer the world. This refreshingly contemporary collection of classic recipes proves once and for all that the inventiveness and diversity of English food deserve to be recognised—and enjoyed.

'Of the many books on our food, his is my favourite, the one I use most'
Jane Grigson

'A masterpiece'
Derek Cooper

'The best book on the subject'
Financial Times

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