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Rights & Permissions

Please send all enquiries concerning translation rights or requests for permission to reprint excerpts from any book published by Serif to or

Serif (Rights)
137 W. 14th Street, 3rd floor
New York, NY 10011

Website Copyright

Copyright in the recipes and some of the images available on this website belongs to third parties and they have been reproduced on this website with the permission of the third-party copyright owners as named. These recipes and images should not be reproduced without the consent of the relevant third-party copyright holder and nothing in this notice should constitute either an express or an implied licence to reproduce these documents.

You may view and print a single copy of any recipe on this website subject to the following terms and conditions:

  1. The recipe may be used solely for informational, personal, non-commercial purposes.
  2. The recipe (or any portion of any recipe) must include all copyright and proprietary notices in the same form and manner as the original, including the date of publication.
  3. The recipe must not be modified in any way.
  4. Serif and the third-party copyright holders reserve the right to revoke such authorisation at any time, and any such use shall be discontinued immediately upon notice.
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